About Charlotte Floyd Music Studio

Welcome to our recording studio located at 1420 W SW Loop 323 in the heart of Tyler, TX! Here, music isn't just heard; it's felt. I'm thrilled to invite you into a space where creativity flows freely, and every note tells a story. When you step through our doors, you're not just entering a studio; you're joining a community of passionate musicians and artists dedicated to bringing their sound to life.

At our studio, we pride ourselves on providing a serene setting that inspires both seasoned professionals and emerging talents alike. Whether you're looking to lay down tracks for a new album, fine-tune your sound, or simply let your creativity soar, we've got you covered. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your music sounds as vibrant and authentic as you envision.

When you choose to record with us, you're not just booking a session; you're embarking on a journey to capture the heartbeat of your music. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, offering expert guidance and a listening ear to help you achieve your artistic vision. From arranging sessions to mixing and mastering, we're dedicated to making the recording process smooth, seamless, and unforgettable.

Ready to take your music to the next level? Give us a call at (903) 581-2001 to schedule a tour and see for yourself what sets our studio apart. You can also visit our website at http://www.tylerschoolofmusic.com/ for more information on booking sessions, rates, and more. Join us at Charlotte Floyd Music Studio, where every song is a story waiting to be told.

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