About Covenant Recording

Hey there! Welcome to our recording oasis in the heart of Amarillo, TX. At Covenant Recording, we're all about capturing that perfect sound that elevates your music to a whole new level. Picture this: stepping into our cozy yet sleek studio, where creativity flows freely and every note is crystal clear.

Here, it's not just about pressing record—it's about creating magic together. Our team of passionate engineers is here to bring your unique vision to life, whether it's a full band production or a solo acoustic track. With top-notch equipment and a keen ear for detail, we're ready to help you shape your sound and make it shine.

Looking for a space that feels like home while still offering professional-grade quality? You've found it. Our studio exudes a warm, inviting vibe that sets the stage for unforgettable recording sessions. No matter your genre or style, we're here to work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the perfect sonics for your project.

And it's not just about recording here. We offer a range of services to support artists at every stage of their musical journey. From mixing and mastering to vocal coaching and production assistance, we've got your back. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, come join us at Covenant Recording and let's create something truly special together. Can't wait to hear what we'll make!

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