About Eastland Music Studio

Nestled in the heart of Rowland Heights, our studio at 1725 Nogales St #109 is more than just a space—it's a home for music makers, dream chasers, and sonic explorers. Here, every beat, every riff, every lyric resonates with the passion and dedication we pour into every project that walks through our doors. When you step into our studio, you're not just entering a room with walls and gear; you're entering a realm where creativity thrives, where notes come to life, and where your sound finds its true voice.

At Eastland Music Studio, we're not just about recording tracks; we're about capturing moments, crafting experiences, and etching memories into melodies. Whether you're a solo artist looking to lay down your latest hit, a band ready to rock the airwaves, or a producer seeking to shape sounds into sonic masterpieces, we're here to be your sonic partner every step of the way. From industry-standard equipment to a cozy lounge area where ideas flow as freely as the coffee, our studio is designed to be the creative oasis where your music dreams unfold.

What sets us apart? It's not just our top-notch gear or sleek studio design; it's the energy, the vibes, and the community that call our studio home. When you work with us, you're not just another client—you're a collaborator, a fellow music enthusiast, a part of our musical family. Our experienced team is here to guide you, inspire you, and empower you to bring your music vision to life. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a fresh face in the industry, know that at Eastland Music Studio, your music matters, your voice is heard, and your sound shines bright.

Ready to dive into the world of sound with us? Give us a call at (626) 295-2119 and let's chat about how we can elevate your music to new heights. Your journey towards sonic excellence starts here, at Eastland Music Studio—where every note, every beat, and every chord tells a story waiting to be heard.

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