About FlipSide Recording & Production Studios

Hey there, music lovers and creators! Nestled in the beating heart of Dardenne Prairie, our recording haven stands ready to be the canvas for your sonic masterpiece. Here at 2844 Spring Blossom Dr, we're all about fostering a creative environment where the music takes center stage. With a vibe that's part laid-back chill, part high-energy buzz, our studio is where your tunes come alive.

When you walk through our doors, it's not just about capturing sound—it's about capturing the essence of your artistry. From the latest tech wizardry to vintage gems that add that warm analog touch, we've got the tools to elevate your music. Whether you're a solo artist itching to lay down some tracks or a band ready to rock out, our space is your playground. And hey, if you need a bit of guidance, our team of passionate sound wizards is here to sprinkle some magic on your project.

At FlipSide Recording & Production Studios, it's all about making your musical dreams a reality. Want to lay down a killer EP, record a podcast that captivates, or mix a track that hits all the right notes? We've got you covered. Our mission is simple: to provide you with a space where creativity knows no bounds, and where your vision meets top-notch production quality. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time recorder, come on in and let's create something unforgettable together.

So, if you're ready to turn up the volume on your music, give us a call at (636) 477-5354 and let's chat. Your sound is unique, and it deserves a space that celebrates that uniqueness. Let's turn up the speakers, dial in the vibe, and make some music magic together. Welcome to FlipSide Recording & Production Studios—where the beat goes on, and your music takes center stage.

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