About Lockdowne Records

Hey there, welcome to our little slice of music paradise at 107 Stewart St in Lafayette, LA! I'm the proud owner of this buzzing hive of creativity, where the air is always charged with the magic of music. You've found your way to a place where every note you play, every lyric you sing, is honored and amplified. So, what's your sound? Whether you're a seasoned pro or a fresh-faced newcomer, Lockdowne Records is where your unique artistry comes to life.

Step inside, and you'll feel the heartbeat of this studio the moment you walk through the door. Our walls have soaked in the stories of countless artists who've poured their souls into their music here. We're not just about recording tracks; we're about crafting experiences. From top-notch recording equipment to cozy nooks where you can hone your lyrics, every corner of this studio is designed to elevate your craft. We believe in fostering a vibe where inspiration flows freely, where there are no limits to where your music can take you.

Looking to bring your band's vision to fruition? We've got you covered. Our spacious live room is the perfect playground for capturing the energy of a live performance. Need to tweak your sound to perfection? Our control room is a sanctuary of sound, where every knob and dial is at your fingertips. And when it's time to add those final touches, our dedicated mixing and mastering suites will ensure your tracks shine bright like diamonds.

Don't just take my word for it - our artists speak for themselves. With a roster as diverse as our tapestry of sound, Lockdowne Records is where genres collide, giving birth to something entirely new. So, let's make some music magic together. Give us a call at (337) 453-3950, and let's schedule a tour. Come see for yourself why Lockdowne Records isn't just a studio; it's a home for your music.

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