About Mercer Music at Capricorn

Step into a realm where music comes alive, where creativity knows no bounds, and where every note is crafted with passion and precision. Nestled in the heart of Macon, Georgia, our recording studio at Mercer Music at Capricorn is a haven for musicians, artists, and dreamers alike. Here, the walls resonate with the echoes of legendary voices and the spirits of iconic melodies, inspiring all who walk through our doors to create magic of their own.

At Mercer Music, we offer more than just a recording space; we provide a sanctuary for artistic expression. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that your sound is captured in its purest form. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding talent, our team of experienced engineers and producers are dedicated to helping you bring your musical vision to life.

Located on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, our studio stands as a tribute to the rich musical heritage of Macon and the legacy of Capricorn Records. As you step into our space, you'll feel the energy of the countless artists who have graced these halls, infusing your own music with a touch of that timeless magic. So come, join us at Mercer Music at Capricorn, where every sound is a story waiting to be told, and every song is a journey waiting to be taken.

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