About Recess Studios

Hey there, music makers! Welcome to our bustling hub of creativity at 2700 S Main St in Santa Ana, CA. As the heart and soul behind this vibrant recording sanctuary, I can't wait to share all the magic waiting to happen within our walls. At Recess Studios, we live and breathe music, and our goal is simple: to empower artists like you to unleash your full potential.

Picture a space where cutting-edge technology meets warm, inviting vibes. That's us. From state-of-the-art equipment to cozy nooks ideal for jam sessions and brainstorming, every corner of our studio radiates inspiration. With a keen eye for detail, we've meticulously curated an environment that fosters both focus and freedom—a balance that sets the stage for unforgettable musical journeys. Yes, the tech is top-notch, but it's the energy here that truly sets us apart.

When you step into Recess Studios, you're not just booking a session; you're joining a community of passionate creators dedicated to elevating each other. My team and I are more than just sound engineers—we're collaborators, sounding boards, and your biggest cheerleaders. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you'll find unwavering support and expertise every step of the way. Need a hand with production, mixing, or mastering? Consider it done. Want to bounce ideas off someone who truly gets your vision? We're here for you, always.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our website for a sneak peek at our facilities, then give us a ring at (714) 641-2818 to lock in your next session. Let's turn your musical dreams into reality, right here at Recess Studios. Because when passion meets precision, the result is pure magic. See you soon!

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