About Rolling Box Studios

Hey there, music lovers! Welcome to our little slice of sonic paradise right here at 140 Sip Ave in Jersey City. I'm thrilled to invite you into the heart of Rolling Box Studios, where every note finds its home and every beat sets the tempo for creativity to flow.

Picture yourself walking through our doors, greeted by a haven where musical dreams come to life. Here, you're not just another artist – you're family. Our walls have reverberated with the sounds of countless talents, each adding a unique chapter to our studio's story. From budding artists seeking their sound to seasoned pros chasing that perfect take, we've seen it all, and we can't wait to write the next chapter with you.

At Rolling Box Studios, we're more than just a recording space – we're a community of passionate souls dedicated to capturing the essence of your music. Our top-of-the-line equipment stands ready to elevate your sound, while our cozy ambiance sets the stage for inspiration to strike. Let your creativity run wild as our team of experienced engineers and producers work tirelessly to bring your vision to life, ensuring every beat, melody, and lyric shines bright.

Whether you're looking to lay down tracks for your next album, mix and master your latest single, or simply jam out in a space designed for musicians by musicians, we've got you covered. Our goal isn't just to meet your expectations – it's to exceed them, providing a space where your music can thrive and your artistry can shine. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (201) 383-9232 and let's set up a tour. Your musical journey starts here at Rolling Box Studios.

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